Smartblock Oy is a Finnish company which sells, markets and develops Smartblock workspace cubes. The company was founded in November 2015 by Mikko Sarkkinen and Janne Orava. All the Smartblocks are designed and manufactured in Finland. Our production facility is in Helsinki where we deliver Smartblocks to the customers in domestic and international markets. Smartblock´s headquarter is in Oulu, Finland and Smartblock Oy showrooms are located in Helsinki and Oulu.


December 2014 Mikko Sarkkinen, co-founder and creative director of Smartblock Oy, made draft mockup of multi-fuctional cubic space. He wanted to create a product which has all the needed modern technology for presentations integrated inside of it and everything was take into consideration. It needed to be space efficient, movable, comfortable to use, easy to come and go and provide all the needed elements for the users (like charging stations for the laptops and smartphones and the needed modern technology) to have meetings and presentations. That was the starting point. Mikko drew the first model by using pencil and paper. When the raw draft was ready, Mikko made 3D -model of it using computer and started to test different kind of designs. After the first prototype mockup design was made, Mikko started to think different kinds of functionalities how this idea should work in real life situations. What needs to be inside of it? How these different elements should be integrated and what will be the WAU -effect of it? Six weeks later, the first actual prototype was ready and Mikko, with others, started to test different kind seating positions for the sofas, height of the table, best place for the speakers, accurate size and place for the tv screen and many other details (even the tiny ones) so that it will be finalized for the production, and of course, for the market. March 2015, the Smartblock was launched to the market. The first version was named Smartblock Full Digital. We got amazingly positive feedback of the functionality what the Smartblocks provides. People who got a chance to experience it, knew right away what this concept is all about. Two months after the Full Digital was launched, the second version Smartblock Half was introduced to the market. Half -version designed to be suitable for two people. Then, six weeks after that, the third version, Smartblock Full Analog was ready. In November 2015, Smartblock Oy was founded. During the first year, Smartblock crossed over one million in sales. Smartblock have been sold to the Finnish and the U.S. markets. during the year 2017, Smartblock Oy will launch new products which supplement existing product line. The user experience has been, and will be in the future, our number one priority. The Smartblock is the world´s most comfortable workspace cube.


USER-EXPERIENCE We want to create the best possible experience for every Smartblock user. Smartblock provides privacy, comfort and user friendly environment no matter what purposes it´s been used. Full Digital -model provides all the needed technology for presentations and group meetings. Smartblock was designed to be natural environment for multiple user purposes. EFFICIENCY For us, the efficiency was key element when we created Smartblock. Nowadays companies measures nearly everything from working time effectiveness to how effectively overall floorspace is in use in the buildings. Smartblock combines space-efficiency and commissioning time and that way changes the assumptions how much time needs to reserve to start meetings or presentations.
DEVELOPMENT As Steve Jobs said: “we do not stop innovating!”. So don´t we. New future products won´t replace the existing Smartblocks. New models will complete and expand our selection. That´s why we want to get feedback from our customers and end users so that we are able to improve our products all the time. FREEDOM It´s highly important that our customers and end users are able to utilize Smartblock the best possible way to serve their needs. We want to provide the freedom to the users to enjoy Smartblock as they want to.


MIKKO SARKKINEN, CCO / FOUNDER Mikko is the designer of Smartblock -concept and founder of Smartblock Oy. Referring his own words, Mikko is lifestyle entrepreneur. Mikko has long history as a special effects producer. During ten years, Mikko made, coordinated and consulted thousands of special effects for films, music videos, shows and events in Finland and internationally. In 2012, he decided to switch the industry and and started to design and manufacture special equipment, furniture and pretentious exhibition stands to B2B-customers to their special needs. Mikko and his team made hundreds of fixed solutions for different interior design projects too and during these projects Mikko and his team found all the knowledge for the best materials which we use in the Smartblocks today. JANNE ORAVA, CEO / CO-FOUNDER Janne is a Finnish entrepreneur from Helsinki and current CEO at Smartblock Oy. He graduated Masters of Science in 2001 majoring electronic commerce. Janne has a lot of experience of work and meeting intensifications and he has worked as a consultant in many research cases concerning effectiveness of meeting spaces. Janne and Mikko joined their forces in 2015 when Janne started to work at Smartblock as sales representative. Janne have been CEO at Smartblock Oy since the company was found.


Our assembler and production teams are the ones, which make the real magic happen. When our customers wonders, “does the Full -model it really fit to that 3,5 m2 floorspace?” - our Ace of Space -team makes it happen right in front of your eyes. We respect our customers privacy so that´s why we have created system which allows us to assemble the Smartblock quietly without disturbing others in the same space. Politeness and helpfulness are the basic elements for our Ace of Space -teams. We want to share the information of Smartblock´s functionalities during the installation work. When the Smartblock is installed, our teams guides the few basic things how the Smartblock works, where to find light dimmer and adjust the lights, how to unlock the wheels and move it and where to find connecting cables to the TV screen. That´s it!

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